Dr. Main is a board certified Orthopaedic surgeon who graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago. He is fellowship trained in sports medicine and specializes in complex shoulder and knee problems, sports medicine and knee and shoulder replacement. He has cared for The Chicago Fire Soccer team, professional snocross and motocross riders and eIght UFC veterans. He is a certified ringside physician in Wisconsin.


Dr. Main specializes in minimally invasive shoulder surgery. He has performed over two thousand shoulder arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs, labrum repairs for dislocations and treatment of biceps tendon injuries. He specializes in shoulder replacement, including Reverse shoulder replacement for unrepairable rotator cuff problems.


Complex ligament reconstruction including ACL, PCL and collateral ligaments. He performed the first meniscus transplant in Kenosha County. “All inside” minimally invasive Anterior crucial ligament (ACL) reconstruction with patient’s or donor tendon and with small surgical scars. Together with Dr.Slimack they have performed more Conformis customized Partial Knee Replacements than any surgeon in Wisconsin or Illinois. Dr. Main replaces arthritic knees with the Smith and Nephew “30 year knee,” which has incredibly low wear and is ideal for younger and more active patients.